Privacy policy

Kensuke International Inc. deeply recognizes that protection of personal information is a
very important issue for each person's safety, and our priority is in protection of individual's
right and benefit, and our top priority is in trust from our clients, and we follow laws and
regulations on protection on personal information and follow guideline, and treat personal
information properly.

1.Purpose of use

Kensuke International Inc. will use the personal information for the purpose below, and
guarantee that we shall not use the information for other purposes.
*Receiving orders for various products.
*Informing various products/services and maintenance of contracts.
*Providing information related to our business, operation, products, and services.
*Other activities related to the above.

2.Appropriate acquisition

Kensuke International Inc. will acquire personal information in proper manner, only for
attaining the goal for use given above, limit to the necessary level, and follow certain codes
and regulations.

3.Offering to the third party


Kensuke International Inc. will strictly manage personal information as confidential information,
and shall not provide to the third party without permission from our clients, or based on
regulations, regardless of directly or indirectly.

4.Safety control

Kensuke International Inc. establishes relevant information security, and take necessary and
relevant action.

5.For more information: contact Kensuke International Inc.